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Heine Otoscope Specula for Ear Examination

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We carry a full range of Heine Otoscopes specula, you can choose from reusable (Reusable: Moulded in high-density SANALON S. Easy to clean, can be disinfected with conventional solutions, painless and atraumatic insertion) or disposable specula (Disposable provides hygienic and safe, a clean, new speculum for each and every patient. Our prices are competitive and we provide fast shipping. You can shop online 24/7 or you can stop by our office- conveniently located.

Contamos con una variedad de especulas para el Otoscopio Heine, pueden ser reusables o de un solo uso. Nuestros precios son competitivos y proveemos envios rapidos y seguros. Se puede comprar online 24/7 o tambien puede acercarse a nuestra oficina convenientemente localizada en Miami.