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Beaver Arthro-Lok Blades Beaver Calibrated Trephine Handles
Beaver Cataract Blades Beaver Corneal Trephine Blades
Beaver DeBakey & Neuro-Sharp Blades Beaver EdgeAhead Circular Knives
Beaver EdgeAhead Crescent Knives & Blades Beaver EdgeAhead Intraocular (IOL) Knives
Beaver EdgeAhead Safety Sideport MVR Knives Beaver EdgeAhead Sideport MVR Knives
Beaver EdgeAhead Slit Knives Beaver Handles
Beaver Mammatome & Cervical Biopsy Blades Beaver Micro Knives
Beaver Micro-Sharp Blades & Micro-Unitome Knives Beaver Mini-Blades
Beaver Myringotomy Blades & Knives Beaver Needle & Sickle Edge Blades
Beaver Open Trephine Handles Beaver Optimum Blades & Knives
Beaver Optimum Safety Sideport Knives Beaver Oropharyngeal Blades
Beaver Pocket Scleral Knives & Blades Beaver Ring Cutter & Chisel Blades
Beaver Sclerotome & BeaverGuard Blades Beaver Slit Blades
Beaver Tissue Punches Beaver Trephine Handles
Beaver Trephines with Handles Beaver Troutman Corneal Punch & PK Press
Beaver Troutman Trephine Handles Beaver Tympanoplasty & Stapedectomy Blades
Beaver Xstar Crescent Knives Beaver Xstar Implant Knives
Beaver Xstar KOJO Safety Slit & Crescent Knifes Beaver Xstar Safety Slit Knives
Beaver Xstar Slit Knives Grindless Beaver Mini-Blades

Beaver Knives and Blades | Ophthalmic Surgery

Beaver-Visitec International offers a broad range of surgical knives for ophthalmic and other microsurgical procedures. Advances in cataract lens de