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HEINE has been manufacturing laryngoscopes in Germany since 1961 and, since then, they've built up an immense wealth of experience and expertise in the field of endotracheal intubation.

HEINE's comprehensive product range includes a whole series of blade and handle variants for adults, children and newborns.

In addition to the Miller and Macintosh blades, there's also the Wisconsin-Foregger (WIS) blade, and the world-exclusive HEINE Paed blade for babies and infants.

The Classic+ blade with its smoothSURFACE now comes with a new 10-year guarantee. Yet another world-exclusive.

Not only do they offer the classic fibre optic (F.O.) handles; they've added a range to our product portfolio: the EasyClean LED handles, which are world-exclusives too.

The HEINE XP disposable laryngoscope handle shell and the Macintosh or Miller XP disposable blade round off the range.