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BD E-Z Scrub Preoperative Surgical Scrub Brushes Covidien Flexon Temporary Cardiac Pacing Leads
Covidien Skin Adhesives Covidien Specimen Collection
Covidien Surgical Mesh Ethicon Drains
Ethicon Hernia Repair Ethicon Miscellaneous
Pro Advantage Surgical Caps Pro Advantage Surgical Drapes and Towels
Pro Advantage Surgical Shoe Covers Surgical Specialties Bone Wax
Surgical Specialties Umbilical Tape

Surgical and Medical Supplies

Our surgical supplies for sale come from trusted names in the industry including: Johnson & Johnson, Covidien, 3M, Pro Advantage, Surgical specialties. Buy surgical supplies online from us and you’ll receive unrivaled customer service and access to an inventory of surgical instruments that is guaranteed to exceed your needs. Call us at 1-305-740-9062 for any questions related to our surgical supplies. We are on standby to give you the information you need to make an educated purchasing decision.

En HOSPEQ contamos con los mejores suministros quirurgicos para hospitales a precios competitivos. Si tienes alguna duda o pregunta sobre alguno de los productos que ofrecemos puedes contactarnos al 1-305-740-9062.