Schiller SpiroScout PC Based Ultrasonic Spirometer. MFID: 1.500000
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Schiller SpiroScout PC Based Ultrasonic Spirometer, Includes: SpiroScout Base Station, SpiroScout Sensor, Spiral Cable Sensor to Base Station, USB Cable, Nose Clip (Standard 10 pcs.). MFID: 1.500000

Ultrasound based solution for the diagnoses of obstructive and restrictive pulmonary disease

Modern ultrasound hardware and latest Windows based programming techniques, enable our SpiroScout to fulfill requirements which are needed to offer a user-friendly spirometry solution.

  • REAL-TIME EXHALED GAS DETERMINATION with a resistance free ScoutTube.
  • REAL-TIME ATP/BTPS CALCULATION: The correction factors are calculated during the measurement and the environmental conditions printed on the report.
  • CALIBRATION FREE ULTRASOUND FLOW SENSOR saving time and allowing for more tests to be done during a work day.
  • OSHA COMPLIANT to the most recent requirements.
  • ATS/ERS COMPLIANCE EVALUATION fully conforms to Gold Standards.
  • EASE-OF-USE, just change mouthpiece and get started.
  • MAINTENANCE FREE, clean and high-precision via ULTRASOUND Technology.
  • PORTABLE, perform measurements in the office, the clinic, or the field, wherever you need them.
  • FVC - Forced Vital Capacity.
  • SVC - Slow Vital Capacity.
  • MVV - Maximum Voluntary Ventilation.
  • ATS Compliance evaluation.
    • Always accurate.
    • No resistance.
    • No additional filters required.
    • No cleaning required.
    • Ensures a tight seal around the lips.
    • Suits all ages from children to mature adults, at all levels of fitness.
    • Designed for all mouth shapes.

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